As increasing size of FPD and high-integration of LSI, the static electrical charge is the critical factor of the decrease in yield and delaying R&D due to adsorption of contamination and electric breakdown.
In order to prevent the ESD and ESA, Hugle recommends the using Ionizer.
Please choose the best system on Hugle homepage to realize the ideal static elimination.

Multi Plate Monitor MP-1 MODEL 7100

Multi Plate Monitor MP-1 MODEL 7100

MP-1 is a compact, lightweight, highly accurate, Charge Plate Monitor for Ionizer.
It can be used to evaluate Ionizer performance such as decay time and ion balance.
Its user-friendly operation makes it suitable for frequent use in gathering data and inspecting systems in workshop or production floor.

Pen Type Ionizer MODEL 3080S

Pen Type Ionizer -MODEL 3080S-

MODEL3080S is a pencil type Ionizer.
Can be immediately remove dust that adheres to surfaces such as the silicon Wafers and Photo masks or lens for Digital Camera.

Clean Jet Gun MODEL 307R

Clean Jet Gun -MODEL 307R-

Model 307Ris Air gun type Ionizer can be produced+ and – ions for superior for neutralization of static charges.
While removing with the static electricity of a charged objectthe dust adhering with static electricity is blown away by large volume air.

DC Type Ionizer Blower MODEL 1900

DC Type Ionizer Blower -MODEL 1900-

MODEL 1900 haveslim and light weight design for space-saving for installing such as inside the manufacturing equipment.
To maintain the performance, automatically controlling Ion balance function with feedback system.

Overhead Ionizer Blower MODEL 1300R

Overhead Ionizer Blower -MODEL 1300R-

Superior Performance in electrostatic neutralization on such as workshop or inspection process.
Faster static elimination is achieved because of a good DC system with highly efficient Ion diffusion and fan performance.
To maintain the performance, automatically controlling Ion balance function with feedback system.

Flexible AC type Ionizing Bar MODEL 4100V

Flexible AC type Ionizing Bar -MODEL 4100V-

This adopts a flexible AC method that generates ion while changing the frequency to possibly cover a wide range of static removal in clean booths from short to long distances.
In addition, it has a microcontroller-equipped system that accurately controls the ion balance.