"As pure as possible" production environment for semiconductors

Hugle Electronics started its business in 1969 as far-east branch office of America Hugle Industries, which was a world leader of semiconductor manufacturing device at the dawn of the semiconductor industry. Taking advantage of this early start, Hugle has established its base as a unique manufacturer in 1971 and continuously developed and offered a wide variety of original products well ahead of time in the areas of ever-changing semiconductor and flat panels such as LCD.

The most important feature of our company is unrivaled and quick specialization in "devices and equipment relating to pure clean and high quality production environment", greatly affecting product quality. As widely known, technical innovation of semiconductors is aiming at endless high integration, and the environment for their production and inspection inevitably require "super" pureness and cleanliness.

Then, we declared the philosophy of "Clean & Quality" and have made utmost efforts to pursue as precise technology as possible and realize more advanced production environment. Having obtained certificates of ISO9001 in March 1997, we are determined to further sophisticate our technology and quality to respond to our customers' trust in us.

"Reliable network of human and technology" for requests ranging from original development to niche customization.

Hugle Electronics has technology departments directly linked to plants in Itabashi, Tokyo and Hatogaya, Saitama with the Headquarter technology department in Iidabashi, Tokyo as its core for development of new products and quality improvement of existing ones in a multi-dimensional development system.

As most of the products are used in a clean room, we have 3 clean rooms (class 100) for research & development and experiments in Itabashi and Hatogaya. In the clean environment of the same level as in production site, leading-edge product development and strict quality control are handled with thorough verification of data. We can immediately respond to various customization requests and offer products after practical and sufficient inspection, which many users put a high valuation and trust.

At the same time, Hugle Electronics is oriented to a knowledge-intensive experts group. In the information area, we are continuously trying to introduce the latest technology in cooperation with leading manufacturers in the States, while proceeding with outsourcing mainly in the development and production areas in Japan.

That is, over the worldwide technological network, out staff have integrated the entire system in the organic manner utilizing their excellent skill and knowledge and completed it so that a small number of the staff can plan, develop and produce better products than ever, with timely absorbing radically changing needs in the semiconductor.

Our crossover needs-responding organization can offer optimal solution to any problems.

Hugle Electronics has constantly adhered to "fulfillment of quality than unreasonable expansion." Based on the principle of slim organization first, the number of staff in indirect departments is kept to the required minimum, and all the energy is concentrated on expansion and improvement of technical and sales staff. The sales network has its base in the two major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kumamoto, a silicon valley in Japan with a network of agencies covering the country. Outside Japan, Korean affiliate is positioned as the core of sales and production, and its agency network is extending over fast-growing Southeast Asian countries.

Also, our company abolished rigid vertical organization both in the sales and technical departments and introduced a system where all the staff can work horizontally and flexibly. We put emphasis on CS-oriented attitude to meet customer needs, find their problems timely and offer the best solution, not being caught by organizational border. In other words, we are aiming at "group of multi-experts that one can play many roles." For that purpose, generous investment is made to human development, including overseas training and inspection tours.

We are sure that the world of semiconductor will make further dynamic development. For Hugle, having watched pure and clean technology for more than a quarter of a century, it is no exaggeration to say that the future is waiting for us with greater opportunities. Especially because we are handling business affecting production environment or global environment, we intend to take a clean position toward environmental preservation. We do not use neutral detergent, not to mention organic solution, as much as possible and try to make steady progress toward "clean manufacturer," which is useful to the society and friendly to human and the earth, making full use of natural blessing of air and water in the technology.


"Hugle spirit" is to be clean for good.

Trade name Hugle Electronics Inc.
Founded February 1969
Established August 28, 1971
Represented by Wasaburo Fujimiya, representative director
Business Equipment relating to manufacture of semiconductor and flat panel, development, manufacture, sales and import / export of device for removing static electricity, instrument for measuring static electricity, pure water cleaning device, dust removing device, semiconductor inspecting device, etc.
Office Headquarter / Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sales office Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu
Plant Iidabashi, Itabashi, Hatogaya
Overseas branch office Korea
Affiliated company Korea Hugle Electronics Inc.

Feb. 1969 Founded as far-east branch of Hugle Industries Inc., an American semiconductor device manufacturer
Aug. 1971 With expansion of operation scope, the far-east branch is incorporated into a Japanese company, Hugle Electronics Inc.
Apr. 1981 Completion of new headquarter building at the current location.
Apr. 1987 Hatogaya plant was opened in Hatogaya, Saitama.
Dec. 1987 Korea branch office was opened.
Feb. 1989 Korea Hugle Electronics Inc. was established.
May. 1989 Itabashi plant completed in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1993 Kyushu office opened in Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto
Apr. 1994 Kansai office opened in Ibaragi-shi, Osaka
Computer online comprehensive network system was introduced.
Mar. 1997 ISO 9001/ 9002 certificates obtained. JQA quality assurance company registration system registered. Registration No.: JQA-1672
Aug. 1999 ISO 14001: 1996 certificate obtained. JQA environmental management system inspection registration system registered. Registration No.: JQAEMO499
Aug. 2000 Development new building completed adjacent to Itabashi plant.
Jun. 2003 Received a prize of environmental management in Itabashi Tokyo
Jul. 2007 Iidabashi annex building completed adjacent to headquarters.
Apr. 2010 Hugle Development Co., Ltd. was established as a company split-up of Itabashi plant.
Oct. 2010 Hugle International Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of importing and exporting of semiconductor related products.